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Courage | The Grace House

Her child was born but did not survive, and she returned to an empty home with empty arms. It changed her whole world. She never married and had no other children of her own. Her loss compelled her to welcome others into her home, and offer what little she had, to receive anyone in need. From that time on, her home was never empty. As long as she had room, she would welcome another little one. Her heart was always willing! She was called to have the heart of a servant and love without expectation. The first time I met Virgilie (pictured above) was in 1993 on my first visit to Haiti. Back then she appeared to be frail and weak. She had a slight limp and would wince in pain but then carry on as if nothing caused the jolt through her body. She moved about and fulfilled her duties each day, in spite of how difficult it was. She would do so with grace and joy! She was sick for many, many years.

For as long as I knew her, she could not walk without being noticed. In 2016 she was diagnosed with cancer. It was the first time I saw her truly weak, but she remained spiritually strong. Her strength overshadowed her weakness as she spoke of the greatness of God and the perfect Father that He was to her. She loved Jesus in spite of her circumstances. She was His bride, in sickness and in health. Whether grieving or overjoyed, hurting or whole, hungry or filled, sick or well, scared or unafraid, desperate or hopeful, she had the courage to face another day. 

She embodied courage. She claimed Joshua 1:9 as her verse and courage as her word. She was brave, strong, bold, fierce, loving, kind, gracious, and loyal; she loved God above all else and worshiped Him daily. Virgilie was one of the inspirations for the Grace House, and she was supposed to be one of our very first residents to move in. Three years ago this month, the Lord called her home, and she entered the place she longed for since the day she took the heart of a servant. Just as she was called to lovingly receive others into her home, we have an obligation to do the same with the elderly in Haiti.

The Grace House is a place for our friends that have outlived many of their family members, or they can no longer be cared for by them. The residents live out their last days, months, or years knowing that they have a place to call home where they can face the days ahead with courage and grace and know that they will be lovingly received into their Father’s arms when He calls them home.

Thank you for being part of Women’s Empowerment at Mission of Hope. You have said “yes” to praying for women in Haiti of all ages. As women we can empower women to live their final season of life with grace and dignity. Do you know someone who might be willing to sponsor a Grace House resident? Please share this video and let people know about this important opportunity to help women in Haiti. Thank you for being the voice of these women and telling their story.