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Earthquake Story - Pekat's Family

translators in the DR

Many friends of ours who serve as translators for Mission of Hope in the Dominican Republic are Haitian, and most still have family living in Haiti. Chardonnieres, Pekat’s family’s village, was in desperate need after the devastation from the recent earthquake. The last time Pekat saw his family was in August of 2016. Five years have passed. Since that time, his family has experienced the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, as well as the recent tragedies. In 2010, Pekat’s family had been living in Port Au Prince and they lost everything in the 2010 earthquake. This recent earthquake was a haunting reminder of all the loss they had experienced and what led them to move out of the city.

Pekat reached out and asked our team if there was any possible way to get to his family’s village. The village is rural, far out from the city, and has difficult roadways, especially in the midst of the rain from tropical storms. Pekat and the other translators prayed, asking God to make a way where it seemed there was not one.

The response team was able to facilitate an assessment out to his village, and bring with them 350 boxes of food and hygiene kits for the community!

Pekat messaged the team with encouragement, “Thank you so so so much. It’s priceless what you’re doing, only God knows how grateful I am. Keep doing what you are doing. It’s not always easy, but there are more blessings in giving than receiving. Thank you!”

Where there seemed to be no way, God made a way. These are the stories happening each and every day as the team presses forward with responding to those in need of hope. You are making this possible and helping people experience the love of Christ in tangible ways. Until not one is left…

truck of supplies truck of supplies