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Emilienne’s Story

Emilienne is a 29 year old mother of two who lost her eyesight a couple years ago. She lives with a genetic condition called Marfan Syndrome. About three years ago, she lost all vision in her left eye and most of her vision in her right eye, making it difficult for her to care for her family. 

Because of generous donors, she went through several surgeries to fix the torn retina and remove her severe cataracts. Her left eye was unfortunately beyond saving, but the recovery is going well in her right eye, and the doctor is hopeful the retina will fully attach. Please continue to pray for her recovery and her return of vision! 

Thank you for your commitment to giving hope to people in the most difficult situations. Your compassion is changing lives just like Emilienne’s. We’re grateful for your partnership as we work together to reach every man, woman, and child with the hope found in Jesus Christ.