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Haiti’s Hunger Crisis Grows More Severe

For several years, the situation in Haiti has become increasingly difficult with the rise in food insecurity, inflation, political unrest, a deteriorating economy, gang violence, and an assassinated president. In the past several weeks, the situation has intensified as fuel prices have skyrocketed yet again and people are protesting, knowing they cannot go on living like this. Our hearts ache for the people of Haiti and their frustrating circumstances. Mothers just want to send their children to school, and fathers just want to provide for their children.

As the situation throughout the country has deteriorated, it has made the challenge of day-to-day ministry activities difficult as well. Yet we remain amazed at how our incredible Haitian team has continued to move ministry forward and lead with incredible courage. We have recently trained all of our teachers in anticipation of school starting soon, pastors have been trained in how to shepherd well in these difficult times, and people have been able to visit our clinic and receive the medical care they desperately need. We praise Jesus that despite hard times, men, women, and children have still been hearing the gospel and choosing to make decisions to follow Christ. The resilience of the men and women of Haiti is evidence that even in the midst of difficult times, HOPE is alive!

Many of you have reached out to see how you can help. We ask that you pray for Haiti and its people each and every day. We know that prayer changes things, and we are committed to praying with you for our brothers and sisters who are in such desperate circumstances. We also ask that if you’re able to give, that you would. Food is one of the most essential items the people of Haiti need right now, and our distribution system is built and ready to get food into the hands of those who need it the most.

The map below shows the staggering reality of what Haiti is facing right now. 6.6 million people in Haiti are currently experiencing insufficient food consumption. 6.6 million people are extremely hungry, and many are on the verge of starvation. We must not look away.

hunger map October 2022

Would you consider giving $10/month to feed one child? Or even more, if you’re able to? The assurance of a daily meal provides tangible hope.

As many of us prepare for all the holiday season brings, the preparation of meals, the busyness of hosting loved ones, would you remember our brothers and sisters in Haiti? First, would you pray for them—specifically that God would protect, provide, and encourage them? Secondly, would you give?

give now button

This current situation does not define Haiti. God is raising up men and women who know and follow Him to be the next generation of leaders and change their country. We are seeing tangible healing and rebuilding that is taking place on this island that He deeply loves.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and love for the nation of Haiti.

Mission of Hope