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It's time to walk

At Mission of Hope, we talk a lot about life transformation. Sometimes the change is subtle, seen only when one steps back after years of hard work. Other times it’s so dramatic, it makes everyone stand in awe. The prosthetics lab is one area where we get to see dramatic life transformation. 

NoNo, our Haitian prosthetist, recently gave a tour of the prosthetics lab to a group of visiting pastors. After walking through where he makes the prosthetic limbs and explaining the steps of fitting, measuring, casting, and baking, his eyes lit up brightly as he said, “Follow me!” 

As we entered the physical therapy side of the clinic, three patients were already waiting. Two men sat against one wall; the third sat in a chair closest to the metal support bars. The man sitting in that chair had just received his first prosthetic and was about to take his first steps in 10 years without a crutch.

You could feel the weight of that moment, the entire room rooting for this man. Speaking in Creole, NoNo said, “You have a crowd. It’s time to walk!” The man slowly placed his hands on the support bars and stood up. He courageously took his very first step—then another, then another. When he reached the very end of the support bars, he turned around, looked at us, and smiled as a room full of cheers, clapping, and shouts of joy flooded the room.

“I’m speechless,” a pastor said as he stood, mouth gaped in awe of what he just witnessed. “That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. Mission of Hope is really changing lives.” 

Your commitment to life transformation makes stories like these possible. This month, will you please prayerfully consider giving above and beyond so we can see more people’s lives dramatically transformed? From medical care to nutrition, education to church advancement, we believe holistic life transformation is possible through Jesus Christ. But we cannot do it alone. You are critical to this mission. Please give today so that more people can discover hope and walk in the freedom found in Jesus.