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Medical Update: Ministry continues

As the world continues to swirl with emotions due to the unpredictability of COVID-19, many things have come to a grinding halt. The psalmist writes, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). In a way, we have been forced to be still and cease from striving, knowing that God brings calm in the midst of the storm; God leads and is in control. That sovereignty has been shown in how God continues to provide ways for ministry on the ground to continue.

At the forefront of our medical outreach program is providing education on COVID-19: how it is spread, prevention, and proper screening. Over 30,000 people have already received our COVID training. The education pamphlets that we provide in Haiti have been translated into Spanish and are being used in our two Spanish speaking countries, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, as well.

In addition to offering education classes, we have been able to install hand washing stations in our partner villages, allowing for proper hygiene.

In preparation for traveling to these villages, Mission of Hope did a mask drive and was able to collect over 3,000 masks. Those masks have since been given out, along with education on proper use. God has allowed us to be involved in the groundwork of healthcare maintenance and disease prevention during this pandemic, and it has been awesome to see the pieces come together as God allows us to continue to work in Haiti, hoping to keep them from experiencing a wave that their infrastructure would not be able to support. 

At our main campus in Titanyen, Haiti, the Clinic of Hope remains open and has seen over 1,000 patients since our last email update. Through limiting the daily patient volume, we have been able to continue with our immunization programs, family planning classes, general consultations, and antiviral treatments for our chronic patients. Additionally, the prosthetics lab has been able to stay open and offer new prosthetic fittings and maintenance for those with an existing prosthesis. The staff has been able to stay healthy and continue on the front lines of serving the communities around them. Please pray for their continued safety during this time!

As we are unable to offer mobile medical clinics during this time of quarantine, we have been working to make improvements in the process so that when clinics are up and running again, ministry is even more effective than ever. A dream for mobile clinics in each country is to have electronic medical records (EMR). This would allow for immediate input of patient information and visit details, giving the medical team the ability to see all previous patient visits, treatments, consults, and referrals. Being able to continually provide high quality, evidenced-based care is something we always strive for—believing that what we do for God, we are to do to the best of our ability.

Last year we were able to pilot the electronic medical records in Haiti with great success. The quality and continuity of care grew, and teams were able to operate clinics with information received from previous teams, creating increased continuity. Just before the quarantines started, we were blessed to receive a financial gift to provide EMR services in the Dominican Republic as well! When mobile clinics are restarted, the EMRs will be launched. We are still in need of funding to support EMR services in Guatemala. If that is something you would be interested in partnering with us to provide, please contact us at or make a donation HERE.

Please pray as we work with the EMR organization and with locals on the ground, that God blesses the launch of this technology and that clinics are able to serve at an even higher level of excellence. Thank you!