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New Beginnings

Stories of God’s faithfulness remind us that He never changes, no matter the current circumstances around us or the difficult challenges we are facing. As Haiti continues to struggle with a political and economic crisis, our team will continue to share stories from there that highlight what God has done over the past year, to encourage all of us to keep our eyes focused on Him, as the only true HOPE for that nation. 

Stories from other countries will remind us that He is also at work throughout the entire Caribbean and the world, as He continues to weave His Kingdom Story. Please allow these stories to encourage you personally, as well as motivate you to continue to pray for life transformation for every man, woman, and child!

Healthy Churches
While building a hoop barn for a church in St. Michel, a voodoo priest came and demanded that the pastor stop the church because it
was growing too fast. When the pastor said no, the voodoo priest threatened him. The pastor said, “Do what you feel you need to do, but God called me, and we are not stopping the church.” As the priest left angry, the pastor told him he needed Jesus and that he would pray for him. The voodoo priest came back three hours later and gave his life to Christ.

Healthy People
Last month in the Dominican Republic, a doctor from Texas was able to visit several critically ill patients in their homes. A woman named Rosa suffers from end stage AIDS. Her husband left her, and she hadn’t been touched for months because people do not accurately understand the disease. When Dr. Risinger got under her mosquito net and touched her arm, she started weeping. They were able to pray together, and Dr. Risinger referred her to a clinic that specializes in HIV/AIDS for treatment.

Healthy Economy
Mr. Francois Beni?oit lives in Turpin and has seven children. Through the Seeds Program, he learned how to grow a profitable garden. “I am a chicken seller—my business was bankrupt—but thanks to the harvest, I found money to strengthen my business, and now it works very well. My wife was sick, and I found something to pay for some of her medical care,” says Mr. Beni?oit. “I can say that this project is a blessing that comes directly from God. That's why I will never stop praying for all those who made this project possible.”

Healthy Schools
Early this fall, 918 teachers and principals were trained through the MBCH education department, and 32 new teachers from schools using Mission of Hope’s Mwen Kapab curriculum were trained, as well. Mwen Kapab means “I Can” in Creole. Through these training sessions, our teachers can provide a quality, Christ-centered education to their students. Mr. Olgues, Mission of Hope’s Education General Impactor, said all the teachers were very positive about the training and about teaching the students "to love Haiti and to take charge to change the lives of people." 

Thank you for providing hope for thousands by helping foster healthy churches, healthy people, a healthy economy, and healthy schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Your investment is bearing fruit in so many ways as we work together to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people we serve.