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Our collective GPS

I am impressed with anyone who knows north from south when giving directions. Really, anyone who never forgets how to get from point A to point B has my respect. 

I am not that person. I have always been known to be “directionally challenged.” One of my first big purchases was a GPS, and now Google Maps is shamefully the app I use most on my phone. It is a bit embarrassing really, but it has reminded me that I am incapable of finding my way on my own and that GPS is a necessity.  

Isn’t that really all of us on some level when it comes to life? 

Apart from Christ we are nothing. We are headed in the wrong direction, and it is hopeless for us to arrive at the destination of eternity without Jesus. God is truly directing every step so we can arrive at His ordained destination. Many of the routes we have taken have led us through some disappointment and heartbreak, but God has always been working.

One of the biggest facets of Women’s Empowerment is our Hope for Her conferences. Hope for Her began out of a desire to unite women from around the world to raise awareness for women’s issues. Hope for Her is an event that engages North American women in God’s mission of empowering women globally. 

Hope for Her has its own GPS. We Gather together, Pray for and with one another, and Serve women within the local churches and communities.

With God’s leading, we have hosted Hope for Her conferences in Haiti, two locations in the Dominican Republic, and via Zoom. We have learned that we can do something from anywhere. Even if we don’t feel like we are going anywhere, we can still use our GPS. 

We can continue to Gather, Pray, and Serve, and we will arrive at the destination that God has for us.