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Sophonie's House

It is unusual for a young, single woman in Haiti to have the means and initiative to buy land for herself, but six years ago, Sophonie started working to do just that. As she was working towards her dream, things quickly seemed unattainable when she became pregnant. 
In 2016, Sophonie was kicked out of her mom’s house when she became pregnant, and the father of her child wanted nothing to do with them. What she thought would be a short-term setback actually became one of her biggest fears. She found herself alone. But Sophonie was determined. In 2018, not only did she purchase her own property, but she began to dream about what she could build. She started to see her plans come to life.
Sophonie has been renting a two-room apartment for her little boy Sèbastien, her father, her cousin’s daughter, and herself. The four of them share one bedroom and use the second room as their kitchen and dining area. There is no lock on her apartment door, and she never knows who will rent the apartments across the hall from her. It is all she can afford, and it is not a safe situation. Sometimes her situation feels hopeless but Sèbastien is a joyful boy and encourages her to press forward each day. 

"Sèbastien has so much faith. He teaches me a lot," Sophonie said. "One day, Sèbastien asked for a snack to take with him to school like the other kids had, but I told him we didn't have enough money to buy any. Right then he put his hands on me and prayed that God would provide and He has! I'm thankful that the first thing Sèbastien thinks to do is pray. He prays over his grandfather for healing. That boy has faith beyond his years. I pray that God will hold him close, because living in Haiti‚ especially without a father—is just so hard."

There are so many admirable traits I see in Sophonie, but one that I admire the most is that she has never given up on her dream. Once the purchase of her land was complete, she began to buy materials to start building as soon as she could afford to, even if that meant buying stone by stone. She has sacrificed so many things and has lived with so much less so she can provide for Sèbastien’s future. For the last three years, she has been working on the foundation of her home, by herself, never asking for help, literally stone by stone, believing every day that "God will finish everything He started."

Friends, we have a unique opportunity to step in and help a fellow sister in Christ in a way that is so tangible, so heartfelt and real. Like Sophonie, we are dreaming big, believing that God will use Mission of Hope—that God will use YOU—to finish what He started through Sophonie years ago.

Will you partner with us to help Sophonie build her very own home on her very own land so that she can provide a safe place for her son? If God has blessed you with extra to give, please prayerfully consider making a donation today. Thank you!