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Stories of Hope | Your prayers are powerful

Thank you for the essential role you play with Mission of Hope. We are especially grateful for your courageous commitment to not only give generously, but also to pray fervently that thousands can have hope in these challenging times. Here are just two examples of how your prayers make a powerful impact.

To date we have delivered 1,800 bags of food across 31 different communities in Guatemala, representing 7,200 people. And we’re just getting started! Each family receives enough rice, flour, beans, oatmeal, pasta, oil, sugar, and eggs to last a family of five for two weeks, as well as hygiene products and a pack of cookies. This month we are also adding a kit of basic medical supplies with every food bag to help families in extremely rural areas who may not have access to hospitals or medical attention.

Nelson and his family live in Moca, a neighborhood of Santiago in the Dominican Republic. He was Pastor Diony’s moto driver, and Diony was moved by his story. When Pastor Diony learned that their family needed a new roof, he took the opportunity to serve and share the good news of God’s love for Nelson and his family. Mission of Hope partnered with Pastor Diony’s church to build Nelson a new roof and do many repairs to the home, such as new windows and better walls. Throughout the construction, Pastor Diony has built a friendship with Nelson and has had many meaningful conversations. Please pray that God would draw Nelson and his family to Himself and to the hope found in Him.


Even in times like these, God sees every man, woman, and child and is using people just like you to meet those needs. Thank you for being a vital part in what He is doing!