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The resilience of mothers in Haiti

Can you imagine being a young single mom selling what little items you own on the street, hoping to make ends meet? Days are long, and an income is unpredictable for most uneducated women in Haiti. They long for a steady job to be able to provide for their children. Even those that were able to find steady work before the pandemic have found themselves back in an unpredictable situation, often due to the lack of education.  

Most of the mothers that I have met in Haiti have the same goal—to provide for their children and offer them a better life than what they had known as a child. They know how vital it is to work hard and help others in need, and they take great value in education, especially if it is not a privilege they had for themselves personally.

“Life is difficult for women in Haiti. We are the ones that hold the family unit together and make sure the children are fed and clothed and go to school.”  
– a mother in Haiti
The path has changed for our friends that we have known for years during this extremely disruptive season. Life is on hold at best, and they are more desperate than ever at worst. If she sold goods on the street before, she has nothing to sell now. If she had a steady job a few months ago, it is likely that her days are long and her income unpredictable once again. Her job not only provided basic needs for her family, but it allowed her children to go to school and receive a quality education. Perhaps it helped her build her own home, save money for the future, and help others in need.

Those plans seem shattered for many of the women we know. Life is difficult for women in Haiti—more difficult than ever before! But as we have seen, adapting is not impossible. Their reputation for resilience is deserved! 

Yes, the women of Haiti are resilient, but they don’t have to be resilient alone. WE want to help stand in the gap during this time for the ladies that we know in Haiti. It is our time to serve them and the others who have unimaginable needs right now.

On September 17, we will be hosting Hope for Her at Home and highlighting Haiti. Will you tune in and see how you can be a part of making a difference during this time

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