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We all have big dreams

Students in Haiti are attending school again, and life is beginning to feel like normal. For them, routines are set and bellies are full. The stability is deeply comforting to the kids, which is evident as they walk, run, and skip to school with their backpacks and huge smiles.   

If you are not currently sponsoring a child, now is a great time to startYour sponsorship will provide a child in need with a Christ-centered education, a daily nutritious meal, and hope for a brighter future. You will also have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with your sponsored child through letters, gifts, and HopeGo trips.

Below are three students whose lives have been transformed, writing in their own words. As you view more students like them in need of a sponsor, we encourage you to pray before making your choice. Every child is precious, and our goal is for every single child to have a sponsor and continue to have big dreams. Sponsorship is a powerful way to transform not only a life, but an entire nation.


My name is Eugene Manassé J.B., and I was born on January 23, 2003. I am a high school senior. I live in Bon Repos and have two brothers and two sisters. My dream is to become an electromechanical engineer after graduation. I came to the School of Hope in seventh grade and have been attending for seven years. Before, my dad was helping me with school, but he had to stop working because he became almost blind. Since then his situation has gone from bad to worse. For that reason, I entered the School of Hope to finish my studies, as dad could not even walk by himself. He could not go to work to find money either. 


My name is Flore Jean Patrick. I was born on March 26, 2003, and I am living in Cabaret. I have one sister and one brother. I am a senior and have been attending the School of Hope for 10 years. I started at the School of Hope in third grade. I want to study entrepreneurship after graduation. As a young woman living in a country where it is difficult for women to find their place, my School of Hope education gives me the knowledge and the goal so that I can find my place in this society. Knowledge gives me so much confidence.
My favorite memory from the school was when I was in sixth grade. I was among those who got the greatest scores for the final exams, and during that occasion, the school gave me a little crown as a reward. I was very young and shy, but that was a really great moment for me.


My name is Philtidor André Max Richeler. I was born on April 21, 2003. I am a senior, and I live in Duclos, Cabaret with my mom. My father passed away. I have one half brother and one half sister. I have attended the School of Hope since fourth grade. My goal is to become an accountant or an electromechanical engineer after graduation.
The School of Hope helps me a lot, as my mom cannot afford my studies. The school helps me have an education and a dream to become someone, unlike so many other young boys and girls living in the area who use drugs, engage in prostitution, or have guns.
My favorite memory from the School of Hope is when I met my four best friends, Romano, Mendell, Manassé, and Monley. They all come from Christian families, and meeting them really changed my life. They inspire me to know more about the Bible, to have a dream, and to be a different person than I was before. Before meeting them, I behaved very badly in school. I caused problems for the teachers and was having troubles with other kids. Today the teachers say I have become another person. Now I know what I live for, and my life has been changed. I am a musician in my church, like my four best friends. We all have big dreams. We are praying to God that we could have the means to achieve our dreams.