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Women's Empowerment | Stand in Prayer for Haiti

prayer photo

Have you ever noticed that making time to have a conversation with the Lord and really trusting Him in all things makes for a better day? I love using an acronym for PRAY because it helps me Pause and Praise, Reflect and Repent, which then sets me in a healthy place to Ask God to do something, and then truly Yield to His will. After all, I believe John 15:7, which says, “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you,” and I want to pray as Jesus did in Matthew 26:39 “not as I will, but as you will.” However, way more often than I care to admit, I go straight to asking God for something, especially in the hardest days of life. I skip past P and R on the prayer acronym and am not at all in tune with what He thinks, but just what makes the most sense to ME. In my selfishness I don’t realize that the God of creation, the sovereign all-knowing Lord of the universe, may have thought about my way, but He has the master plan that I cannot see. 

I’ll be honest, with these turbulent days in Haiti I enter prayer, pausing to be still, but sometimes just get angry or sad. I struggle to move into praising the Lord in the midst of watching the country I love literally be set on fire and people suffer and die cruel and unnecessary deaths. My heart hurts to the point of asking for mercy but still waiting on God, and just sobbing over the waiting! Sometimes yielding to His will is difficult. Mercy and justice in my mind have been long overdue, but I am quickly reminded that God is sovereign and I must trust Him. That does not go without questions and sometimes doubt, which I have found leads me into more time in conversation with Him. Are you able to relate with my personal struggle in your own prayer life? I don’t think that I am alone in this, and I praise God that every day is a new day!

So today I will start by taking time to wait on the Lord and praise Him for the people of Haiti that have been called and are faithful to serve Him in the midst of chaos! As I reflect, I want the Lord to search my heart, which leads me to realize that I have not been thinking about how God thinks, and I repent for putting my agenda in front of His. Now my heart is ready to ask boldly and specifically of God for things that only He can do. This is where I camp out for a while but it leads me straight to yielding to Him with open hands and an open heart.

Will you please stand in prayer with me today for the people of Haiti? Let’s pray for protection, provision, and peace in that nation. Let’s pray for those who have fled to other parts of the Caribbean in search of a better life, including those on the island of Hispaniola and the tension that exists between the Haitian and Dominican people. Also, would you pray for the teams of women who are headed to the Dominican Republic for Hope for Her this month? May we be the hands and feet of Jesus and may the Lord lead us to the right people, in the right places, at the right time, for His glory! And may there be restoration and redemption for His daughters! Let’s PRAY boldly and in line with God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will! Let’s trust His master plan!