| 2019 |

Changing the Present for a Woman, Changing the Future for a Child

Written by: Salem Hicks, Founder of New Life Campaign

Raised in a home that could not provide her with an education or the proper tools to find a dignified job, Jessica began selling her body at a young age in order to survive. Unfortunately, this is the case for many women born into poverty in Haiti.

Jessica became pregnant as part of the sex trade. She continued her work up until the day her baby was born, and when she came across the New Life Center for Women, she was carrying a 15-day-old baby, weary from trying to survive on the streets.

Jessica shared that she had continued to sleep with men even with the recent birth of her child, desperate to provide for her newborn. Jessica was admitted into the Women’s Empowerment residential program at the New Life Center, and for the first time in years, she has a place to rest her head in peace and protection. Her story will not be one of brokenness and shame but one of redemption and restoration. Her current path was interrupted by Jesus and His deep love for her.

Our hope is that many more women like Jessica will have the gift of life transformation. The power of Jesus Christ affects more than just the one—it can change all involved, including the trajectory of a two-week-old child. We believe that life transformation is more than possible… it is promised. We are overjoyed to be a part of walking through healing and freedom with young girls like Jessica.

God is working through Women’s Empowerment, a joint initiative of Mission of Hope and New Life Campaign. He continues to work miracles in the lives of women in Haiti.

Will you be a part of the amazing life change God is leading? Become an advocate today, and use your voice to change her story.