| 2018 |

Clean Water, Missions, and Friendship

Written by: Paige Fleming, Mission of Hope staff

Clean water is hard to get and expensive to purchase. We have a team who has come to serve with Mission of Hope for quite a few years in the village of Source Matelas. They’ve made some deep-rooted friendships with the Haitian men and women who represent that village, our Village Champions, because of their consistency in coming to serve. This year they sponsored a full year’s worth of water and water coolers for 12 different churches in Source Matelas.

When they came this past fall to meet individually with all of the pastors who would be the recipients of this gift, the unity created was something to be documented. With the combination of our Village Champions’ hearts for their village, the local pastors’ hearts to see redemption and transformation in their people, and our team members’ hearts to share Jesus, the outcome is a beautifully unified passion through which Jesus moves.

It was such a reminder of the goal of it all—why we come to serve, why we give, why we do what we do. We serve so we can be one body working together in the name of Jesus to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters.

It was an incredible thing to see each pastor uplifted and honored for their faithful work by their own people and by new friends. It was even more incredible to see that two different cultures could come together to serve and love the local church the way they did that week.

When you come to serve in Haiti, the relationships you build matter, and the way you serve matters. Every project, every conversation, every act of obedience to the Lord is one step closer to the unification of the body of Christ.