Telica Receives an Audio Bible

Telica lives alone in Carabello, Dominican Republic and was excited when a team from Mission of Hope came to his home to visit with him. The team sat down on his front porch and began to ask Telica questions about his life, family, and relationship with Jesus. Telica shared his entire family still lives in […]

God’s faithful pursuit of His children

Island is a young mother who lives with her family in Congrejo, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. She had recently moved to Congrejo a couple of months ago and still felt alone in her new home. One of Mission of Hope’s translators, Enoch, brings teams to visit Island frequently. On the first visit, a […]

Where Mission of Hope is Met with a Mission of Obedience

One of my favorite Bible stories is that of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac. It’s a beautiful display of grace and hope colliding with diligent obedience. It’s similar to my story—a young missionary with a heart for Jesus and his people, going to the Dominican Republic alone, and experiencing life transformation. It started with a question, […]

Seeing God’s Purpose

A few days before we were set to leave for Haiti, we received news that there had been some political unrest in Haiti. Our team began to wonder if we would still be going on our long-planned mission trip. Four days before the day of our departure, Mission of Hope offered us the opportunity to […]

An Unexpected Dominican Surprise

A week before leaving, when our trip was nearly canceled due to political unrest in Haiti, our group was unsure what to do next. Mixed feelings stunned the group—do we postpone, or do we go the the Dominican Republic where our group has never been, with teens who have never served overseas? After much prayer […]