| 2018 |

Dreams, Adidas Sandals, and Prayer

Written by: Bethany Rostampour (Team Member)

A college leader on our team, Melvin, had the same dream multiples times during the weeks leading up to our church’s mission trip to Haiti. It was him praying for someone in black, slip-on, Adidas sandals. He couldn’t see the person’s face, only their feet as he looked down pray for them.

One day after Strategic Village Time, Melvin’s team was about to head back to the bus for lunch when they walked by a young teenage boy who was wearing the sandals that Melvin saw in his dream. He started a conversation with him and connected with the boy. They both had the same favorite soccer team and had a similar story.

Melvin felt led to share his testimony with the boy. After hearing Melvin’s story, the boy said he wanted to accept Jesus as His personal Lord and Savior. Melvin was able to pray with him—just like he saw in his dream weeks before. After the prayer, the boy told Melvin that he felt “different and comfortable.” Melvin was able to tell Him about the peace of god. It was an incredible, God-ordained moment!

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