| 2019 |

Finding Hope in the Darkness

Written by: Salem Hicks, Founder of New Life Campaign

Mikerlange was 18 years old when she came knocking on the door of the New Life Center after first encountering an outreach team in the village of Minoterie. She couldn’t believe that only eight miles from where she was living, she would be able to find the hope that comes with a new life, when the life she had been living was full of immeasurable pain. Mikerlange desired transformation in many areas and was willing to take a risk to leave her current situation.

Mikerlange shared with the team that her father had been murdered. This had led to a deep depression in which she felt alone and hopeless. In her desperation to find love and provide the things she needed to survive, she found herself sleeping with men. This became a regular part of life for Mikerlange.

Her life took an unexpected turn when she discovered that she had become pregnant from one of her clients after bartering with him to buy her a pair of shoes. A month before meeting the outreach team, she purchased bleach and battery acid in preparation to commit suicide and end her suffering.

During this time, she happened upon a Facebook post on a friend’s phone that read, “Have courage, even in the pain. Because it won’t last forever.” Mikerlange felt that God was speaking so clearly to her in that moment, and she knew that He was leading her to a path of greater hope. Soon after this, Mikerlange connected with the New Life Campaign team in her village.

Since joining the residency program, Mikerlange has begun to heal and have hope for a new life in Christ. Mikerlange believes wholeheartedly that with Jesus, there is hope—a hope to rebuild her life and to live out the calling for which she was created. Jesus used the Women’s Empowerment program and the New Life Center to interrupt the path her life was on and pave a way for new life.


The New Life Campaign is an organization partnering with Mission of Hope to help women in Haiti who are victims of abuse and sexual exploitation. The vision of this joint Women’s Empowerment ministry is to see women healed and freed from their past as they enter into freedom with Jesus.

The Women’s Empowerment outreach team visits local villages twice a week to build relationships with at-risk women and invite them to classes offering support and hope for a new beginning. Through the outreach program, women have access to physical and mental health services, career development programming, and Christ-centered discipleship.

A core component of Women’s Empowerment is the New Life Center, where formerly exploited women can participate in a one year residency program and rebuild their life under the care and counsel of a dedicated team. Mikerlange is one of the residents at the New Life Center.