| 2018 |

Healthy Churches: Pastor Emmanuel & Marie's Story

Written by: Jean Jacques, Church Advancement Director

I am Jean Jacques, Mission of Hope’s Church Advancement Director. Recently I received from one of my Village Champions an incredible story from our partner pastor in Mesaye. There was a house that was going to be given and the pastor was in the first position to receive the house for himself because he was in a very bad living situation. But he didn’t take it for himself. He went around his village looking for someone really in need.

The lady’s name is Marie. She lives in our area. She was not coming to my church yet, she was just in the neighborhood. When I heard of the house project, I visited her and asked questions—I saw her house was very bad. When it rained, the rain would get in her home and she would get sick. I knew she needed the house more than me.

The way she was living was terrible. She couldn’t even sleep inside. All the times we came, we saw her outside because the house was not in good health.

“I was sick, and the foundation of my old home was very bad. But God gave grace to me.”

The house she received, that’s a blessing and that has changed her situation—changed her life. And with three children sleeping in a bad house, when there is rain coming, that is a very very tough situation for her. But now you can see there is joy—there is happiness.

As a leader, we have to see others before we see ourselves. That’s how a church is healthy; we help others who are in need. And that is why Christ came to do it: to help others and heal people, for His glory, for His kingdom.

Pastor Emmanuel is a very strong leader to me by the way her cares for his people. That’s what we are looking for in Church Advancement. We are looking for a healthy pastor and healthy churches. We can see that in Mesaye. There is life transformation.

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