| 2018 |

Help Others Achieve Their Dreams in Your Sleep

Our Partnership with Bolster Sleep Company

Over the past 20 years, God has provided incredible church, individual, and corporate partnerships with a common desire to see the nation of Haiti transformed.

One of our newest partnerships, with Bolster Sleep Company, is truly exciting! A manufacturer of quality hybrid mattresses and bedding, Bolster is providing scholarships for students in our Technical School so we can provide valuable vocational training to men and women looking to acquire skills and join the workforce. Bolster is using profits from its mattress sales to provide permanent, tangible skills to men and women in Haiti so they can support themselves, their families, and their communities. Through programs in welding, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and diesel mechanics, our students are learning valuable trades for sustainable industries across Haiti that are seeking skilled employees.

When classes started this fall, there were 268 young men and women enrolled across the five disciplines, and another 68 are already enrolled in the new IT training program starting in February. These are incredible numbers considering the reality that less than five out of 100 children in Haiti receive post-secondary education. Bolster Sleep Company is helping provide life-changing education for students in our Technical School. We desire to see Christian men and women in places of influence throughout the workforce in Haiti who are employees with integrity and who invest in their local churches and lead in their villages.

Our students are not only enthusiastic, but dedicated. Already, we are seeing a 90% pass rate on exams! This would not be possible without those who have invested in Mission of Hope to see the dreams of a Technical School become a reality. We look forward to sharing the many successes of our Technical School students with you and we know this will continue to be an incredible place where lives, families, and communities are transformed.

If you’re looking for a new mattress, be sure to check out Bolster Sleep Company. Your purchase will help students in our Technical School accomplish their dreams…while you dream!

For more information on the Technical School, check out this page.