| 2018 |

It's the Small Things

Written by: Alec Hayes, Summer Intern


I love schedules. I love order. Those things offer a sense of comfort for me. Two weeks ago I was living in Haiti, and I had been there for two months, so I had gotten used to the way things worked. The newness had worn off, and routine had set in.

Amidst this, I began to lose sight of the way God was moving. I painted a lot of homes (like seriously, I wish I would have kept count), visited with a lot of families and asked them a lot of similar questions, ate a lot of Monday cornmeal mash, and attended many long Sunday morning church services (in Creole), followed by long walks up the hill, occasionally accompanied by one of my Village of Hope friends. Those things didn’t feel “special” anymore, they just felt like life.

I was witnessing and hearing a lot of really cool God stories from team members and other interns. Like such cool stories—people healed, fruitful conversations with voodoo priests, huge heart-changing moments. I started to feel kind of like “what in the world, why don’t I have these stories to tell?!”

Fast forward a little bit, I started a prayer devotional with some of the girls in my room. Every morning at 6:00am we would wake up and read a devotion. Then I would go to the same spot, a slab of concrete next to a tree, with a clear view of Port-au-Prince, and pray. I began to practically beg God to use me in big ways. I would literally be on my knees begging, “God, please reveal Yourself to me, use me in big ways so that I would have big stories to share with the world!”

What happened? God answered. He began to reveal Himself to me in the smallest moments—in those “just life” moments.


– Singing with 9 y/o Frisline who I met on a Sunday afternoon tour

– Ice cream dates with Matthew, who lives in the Village of Hope

– Sitting peacefully, holding hands with a little girl in Mesaye while everyone else played in the water

– The view from the guesthouse rooftop during Sunday morning staff church

– Intentional conversations with translators who became some of my favorite friends

– Sitting with Soudline while she watches the same video (literally) countless times

– Walking up the hill to my home

– Playing uno with the Village of Hope kids

– Watching Karen eat a sandwich out of her purse

– Belly laughing with Soudline about nothing at all Faces with friends

God planned each of those moments, and if they seem less than thrilling, that’s because they were. But after I asked and was willing to open my eyes to His wonder, He began to use those “less than thrilling” moments to fill my heart with the most genuine joy! I began to pray fervently that He would never stop revealing Himself to me in that way!

God is written all over day to day activities, just as He is present in all big, crazy, miracle stories. And because of that prayer, my favorite moments in Haiti aren’t big stories, but rather the parts of the day that are just life—plain but beautiful, typical but wondrous, normal but extraordinary moments.

I am so thankful for the time I took to pause and store these moments up in my heart. If I hadn’t paused in these moments I would have missed out on a lot of God’s glory. He is in every moment, big and small. He orchestrates everything, from salvation to casual high fives.

God showed up big time when I asked Him, “God, please reveal Yourself to me, use me in big ways so that I would have big stories to share with the world!” He revealed Himself to me and now I have this story to tell.

Those things that are “just life,” are my favorite part of being alive. Those small moments that feel so big, so joyous, so wondrous—those are my favorite parts of knowing Jesus.

“Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Glorious and majestic are his deeds, and his righteousness endures forever.” Psalm 111:2-3 photos from time in Haiti