| 2019 |

Where Mission of Hope is Met with a Mission of Obedience

One of my favorite Bible stories is that of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac. It’s a beautiful display of grace and hope colliding with diligent obedience. It’s similar to my story—a young missionary with a heart for Jesus and his people, going to the Dominican Republic alone, and experiencing life transformation.

It started with a question, “Addika, will you go?” I prayed and prayed, but ultimately, I couldn’t make it that first year. The next year I signed up as soon as I could. Through His Word, the Lord had already been preparing my heart for this by reminding me of the promises of who I am in Him: salt and light (Matt. 5:13-16), an ambassador of Christ (2 Cor. 5:16-21), and a child of God (Romans 8:12-17).

In the same way, Abraham received a promise from God in Genesis 15, regarding his future son. Though he and Sarah were old, they received God’s promise. However, they faced obstacles along the way, and eventually they made a decision outside of God’s will. I was presented with a hard decision: boldly go on the trip alone, or choose to miss out on the trip altogether.

In retrospect, I can see Abraham and Sarah in my scenario. They, too, were presented with a big decision. After several years had passed and their promised son was still yet to be born, Sarah suggested an alternative. She suggested that he have a son with her maidservant, Hagaar. Though her intentions were really good, there is no God-honoring alternative to His will. God’s promises, God’s terms.

Seeing God’s faithfulness was not new for Abraham. I, too, have seen God’s faithfulness in many ways, and after I saw Him provide for this trip, I couldn’t neglect the opportunity to be obedient.

As I was about to leave for the DR, I remember thinking, “How am I worthy enough to do this? I can’t imagine why God would allow someone like me to do something like this for Him?” Almost instantly, I couldn’t get the phrase, “You asked for this,” out of my head. I believe the Lord spoke to my heart and reminded me of every time I prayed, “Father, use me.”

The next seven days were spent investing in the community, making God-glorifying connections, and learning to adapt. I saw this most clearly, when my plan to come to the DR on a non-medical mission trip, was met with God’s plan to partner me with the medical teams for two days. While it was slightly scary to find this out shortly before stepping onto the field, it was more than I could’ve imagined. Paul said in Ephesians 3, “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.”

We were able to see hundreds of people receive access to the medical care they needed and witness hope, compassion, and the gospel working in and through the lives of those around me in the communities we worked in. We went from door to door, entering homes, getting to know people, asking questions, and praying with them and their families. This special time with families was the highlight of my week. These moments clearly defined my calling to proclaim the gospel to all people. God ordained my footsteps into partnership with Himself, Mission of Hope, and his people, to make this a week of life transformation.

Abraham and Sarah had Isaac, exactly a year after He made the promise personal to Sarah in Genesis 18. They received their promise, and God honored their obedience with a son, who had sons, whose sons had sons, and fulfilled God’s promise. My “Isaac” came in the form of an experience. My week in the DR was a fulfillment of who I am in Christ and what He has designed me to do.

I thank Mission of Hope for their diligence and care in allowing me to serve alongside them. I am so grateful for the opportunity you gave me to see God’s faithfulness meet my obedience and produce hope.

I want to urge you to be obedient to God’s calling, whether it’s to vocational ministry, missions, or the marketplace. Your obedience will be met with God’s faithfulness every time.