| 2019 |

A Hobby and Cause Align for Greater Good

Written by: Kathryn Stouffer

What started as a hobby for Chuck Elyea transformed into a self-sustaining non-profit two years later. After the art and science of soapmaking sparked his interest, Elyea gave his own soap venture a shot. While Elyea was busy with a new job and stint in soapmaking, his son decided to go on a mission trip to Haiti with Mission of Hope and was beginning the fundraising process.

Elyea and his wife, Donna, are lifelong entrepreneurs and embrace this mindset in all areas of their life, and Elyea’s wife, Donna, suggested they sell soap to fundraise for their son’s trip to Haiti. Despite the daunting amount of soap needed to sell in order to raise the full trip amount, the Elyeas set out on making and selling their handcrafted soap bars to the community.

Inspired by the family’s collective time in Haiti and God’s provision in his son’s fundraising process, Elyea officially opened up shop as Mission of Soap, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to raising awareness and support for causes in Haiti, specifically assisting women being rescued from prostitution, a need Elyea and his family had seen in previous travels to Haiti. Now, Mission of Soap’s proceeds are dedicated to supporting New Life Campaign, a partner organization of Mission of Hope.

The Mission of Soap team continues to make soap from scratch because of the superior quality and ability to provide the best ingredients and a truly artisan product for customers. With a few years under their belt, Mission of Soap has expanded their product line to other body care essentials like lip balm, scrubs and oils, as they strive for profits sent to Haiti to aid in life transformation by the love of Christ.

For more information on Mission of Soap, or to make a purchase that will go toward the life transforming work in Haiti, visit the Mission of Soap website.