How to Live Missionally…Right Where You Are

The first time I went on a mission trip to serve vulnerable people in another country, I came away with two profound experiences. One was how incredible it was to worship Christ very far from home with total strangers who spoke a different language. The knowledge that God is everywhere truly became real to me […]

It’s the Small Things

ROUTINE. I LOVE ROUTINE. I love schedules. I love order. Those things offer a sense of comfort for me. Two weeks ago I was living in Haiti, and I had been there for two months, so I had gotten used to the way things worked. The newness had worn off, and routine had set in. […]

And if Not, He is Still Good

The Medical Outreach Program (MOPs) allows people who are physically incapable of traveling to a clinic or have chronic illnesses or conditions to receive necessary medical care via teams of medical professionals who travel from village to village. Learn more about Mission of Hope’s healthcare programs. I am often challenged by the joy seen in […]

Saving Haiti

This evening, I had a conversation with a team member serving on a mission trip about his frustrations centered around not being able to ‘save Haiti.’ This is his second time here and he was expressing how challenging it is to look around and see the overwhelming need. The brokenness and poverty is unavoidable as […]