| 2018 |

God Knows the Needs of His Children, Monaville Mobile Clinic

written by: Andrew Hicks, Spring Intern

This week, we served in the mountain village of Monaville on a medical mobile clinic. On Tuesday, a father came to the clinic with his son who was unable to speak and he had very limited motor skills. This is most likely attributed to an underdeveloped brain, causing microcephaly. The father wanted medication to help make his son speak. The medial team quickly assessed and recognized that back in the States, this child would receive ongoing therapy. But unfortunately, this type of therapy is incredibly rare in Haiti.

D’Anna, one of the other medical interns, was heartbroken as she saw the reality this child faced and the difficult road ahead. While the father was being seen by one of the doctors, D’Anna pulled the mother and child aside and asked if she could pray for them. During his appointment with the doctor, the child would not sit still and was uncooperative the entire time. However, when D’Anna picked him up to hold him, as soon as she began praying the child was still in her arms through the whole prayer. Two things stood out to me from this:

First, D’Anna stepped out in faith to do hard things—to sit and pray even when the situation was difficult and heartbreaking. While we didn’t have all of the medical answers right then and there, D’Anna knew the power of prayer and the most important thing she could do in that moment was to approach our God with the needs of His children because He hears and He cares. D’Anna has admitted that she’s normally more reserved and quiet, and that boldness does not come easy for her. There have been many other instances where she has boldly stepped out, which as a fellow intern is awesome to see her faithfully obey God’s promptings!

Second, though we may not know the full story or the road ahead, the stillness of the child during the prayer gave a peaceful understanding that God is very present here and cares for the people of Haiti. He knows the needs of His children.