| 2019 |

Nine Years after the Haiti Earthquake: 1087 Homes and Infinite Hope

Written by: Kathryn Stouffer

Today marks nine years since the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti that impacted the nation physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This anniversary is an opportunity for all affected by the event to reflect on the past and set hopes for the future.

resilience exhibited by the people in the past nine years is no short of miraculous—a reminder of God’s hand amidst hardship.

The people of Haiti have quite literally risen from the rubble to rebuild physical structures and transform lives in the process. Our teams in Haiti have had the privilege of helping build 1,087 stable and secure homes since 2010, with many more in the pipeline. God provided the people and the resources so that 1,087 families who had been living with nothing more than a tarp over their heads can now have a safe and secure home.

Despite the quake’s impact on infrastructure, life transformation has continued to take place through the local church in areas such as education, healthcare, nutrition, pastoral training, business mentoring, and so much more. We have seen firsthand God’s goodness and power to restore, comfort, and redeem.

The earthquake does not define Haiti but serves as a reference point for the growth of a nation through the power of Jesus Christ.

How can you get involved in making a difference in the lives of people in Haiti? Consider serving on a mission trip, sponsoring a child, becoming a Women’s Empowerment Advocate, or donating to the Hope Fund.