| 2019 |

Technical School Story

Written by: Pastor Kenan, Director of the Technical School

This is a story that has touched me deeply as I have seen how the opportunities provided through the Technical School change the lives of families each and every day.

There is a plumbing student who grew up deeply understanding the challenges of poverty. His parents were not able to help him with his desire to further his education, leaving him with uncertainty and hopelessness at the thought of his future. Every day, he was hoping and looking for ways to get the education he so desired. One day, he heard about the Technical School at Mission of Hope, and God opened the door for him to attend.

I am proud to say that at the end of January, he finished with his plumbing course! Now he is working and has the opportunity to receive income and take care of himself and his family.

He called me to thank me and Mission of Hope and said: “Since I am working now, I am able to provide for my family.”

The opportunity that the Technical School provides is paving the way for sustainable growth and economic opportunities throughout Haiti. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible and believes in how God is using these programs to change the nation of Haiti. –Pastor Kenan, Director of the Technical School.