| 2019 |

Telica Receives an Audio Bible

Telica lives alone in Carabello, Dominican Republic and was excited when a team from Mission of Hope came to his home to visit with him. The team sat down on his front porch and began to ask Telica questions about his life, family, and relationship with Jesus.

Telica shared his entire family still lives in Haiti. He moved to the Dominican Republic with the hope for a better life when he was younger and has worked the land for his entire life. As the team continued to talk, Telica began to share verse after verse about God’s heart, His love for His people, and His promises.

The team was so shocked by his knowledge of the Bible. Jo, a team member, said, “Telica, it is beautiful how much scripture you have memorized, you really know the Word of the Lord.” Telica responded, “I can’t read, so everything I know is from hearing it at church and memorizing it.” Jo was moved by Telica’s experience and remembered the team brought audio Bibles to give to the pastors for people in the community.

When Telica received his audio, Bible he was so grateful how he was able to experience more of God’s love and the hope of the gospel with this new access to hear the Word. This audio bible is a tangible reminder to all of us how God goes to great lengths to reach people with His love for them.