| 2019 |

The Hands and Feet of Jesus

Written by: Salem Hicks, Founder of New Life Campaign

A significant part of the Women’s Empowerment program in Haiti is the active outreach program. Twice a week, the outreach team spends time in surrounding villages building relationships with at-risk women and inviting them to public classes at the New Life Center.

Madame Manita, the Outreach Director of the New Life Campaign, has the gift of relationship building. Her warm presence has drawn in many women to attend public classes and often leads them to join the residential program. Madame Manita is a single mother, and she understands the weight of providing for her children. She continually seeks to further her education so she can not only support her children but also display to them the importance of education. Madame Manita has a heart for those who need a place to call home, whether it’s children she’s adopted as her own or women she met in the village of Minoterie.

When you meet Madame Manita, her gentle kindness is met with a fierce passion for those in need of hope, allowing her to relate and leave a lasting impression on women who we pray will come to know the hope of Christ. If you were to ask her where hope is found, she would tell you that hope is in Jesus and Jesus alone.

Leaders like Madame Manita act as the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground. Much like Jesus pursued tax collectors, women in prostitution, and adulterers, Madame Manita works as a living, breathing example of God’s reckless pursuit of His children—a love that sought out the untouchables right where they were and bid them come and step into relationship with Him.

The New Life Campaign is currently the only program of its kind in the region, seeking to help lift women out of their hopelessness. Madame Manita’s willingness to employ her God-given gifts through the outreach program has enabled many women to be introduced to the freedom found in Jesus Christ.

Consider becoming a Women’s Advocate as you join us in prayer, asking God that through Madame Manita and her team many more women will come to realize that they too can change their stories from brokenness to restoration.