| 2018 |

Two of Our Graduates Are Headed to College

Written by: Clare Marlow, Mission Trip Team Member

God continually moves in amazing ways throughout the Mission of Hope campuses and in the villages that we partner with to build strong and healthy families who know Jesus as their Savior. One of the most exciting things we’re celebrating this month is the news that two of our recent high school graduates have the opportunity to enter college in the fall.

Danielo just learned that he passed his national college entrance exam and has been accepted and enrolled at UNASMOH (Université Américaine des Sciences Modernes d’Haïti) where he’ll study informatics starting in November.

Classmate Wideline is headed this month to Notre Dame University’s nursing program in Hinche, Haiti to fulfil her dream of becoming an RN.

Danielo and Wideline were among 150 graduates who received their high school diplomas from Mission of Hope schools last spring. Like all our students, they are beating the odds. In Haiti, education is a great privilege. The enrollment rate for primary school in Haiti is only 57%, and fewer than 30% of students reach sixth grade. Mission of Hope is working to change these statistics.

One of the foundations of education in the Mission of Hope schools is our Mwen Kapab initiative. Mwen Kapab, which means “I can” in English, is a Christ-centered curriculum developed by American and Haitian educators that is available for use by every school in Haiti. Our students not only are personally benefiting from a good education, but they are also positively impacting their families, villages, and country.

Generous student sponsors, the Mwen Kapab curriculum, the amazing Haitian teachers in our schools, the students’ hard work, and the grace of God are the reasons Danielo and Wideline—and Mission of Hope students who have gone before them—can pursue a college degree and their dream careers.

We’re so excited to see how God is going to work through them at college and beyond.

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