| 2019 |

Yolita’s Education Journey

Written by: The Mission of Hope Team

Yolita is a student of the School of Hope in Titanyen. She is 15 years old and in the 8th grade. Yolita started at the School of Hope in the 5th grade and had difficulty paying attention in the classroom. Her test results were very low, and she experienced a lot of challenges, but the teachers were very patient with her and committed to help her grow.

Through the Christian education class, she was able to discover how much God loves her and the truth that He has a wonderful plan for her life. When she realized that, she decided to take her relationship with Jesus more seriously, as well as her education. While she was raised in a Christian family, it’s evident the Christian class has personally transformed her life and given her an understanding of Jesus.

Now, she works very hard and puts forth great effort in her schooling. This year, her exam scores improved significantly from her first ones. She is working to become better every day.

Yolita wants to become a physician to work with the people that are in great need and who are hurting. She also hopes to be a physician who works alongside those who come to serve her country as missionaries sharing the Gospel.

Thank you for impacting the lives of Yolita and so many like her. Your faithful support is transforming the nation, one life at a time.