Clean Water

Clean water is one of humanity’s most basic needs, and yet in Haiti, thousands do not have access to clean water, due to a lack of infrastructure in the villages. They are forced to drink out of contaminated streams and pipelines littered with trash and debris. Providing clean water for families in Haiti helps transform lives by giving men, women, and children sustainable resources for a better future.

Water Filtration Stations

In partnership with Water Mission, Mission of Hope has built water filtration stations in villages around Haiti. These water filtration systems provide essential and life-giving water to entire communities. Churches or groups interested in sponsoring a water project for a village can contact for more information.

Filters of Hope

The family-sized Filter of Hope water filters provide up to 100+ gallons of clean drinking water per day for a family and can last 10 years when properly maintained. In 2018, working through the local church leaders in the villages, Mission of Hope distributed hundreds of Filters of Hope water filters to families in need.

Donate to the Hope Fund

Your gift to the Hope Fund provides hope for the people who need it most as we work to meet the physical and spiritual needs of every man, woman, and child.

Serve on a mission trip

When you serve on a mission trip with Mission of Hope, you can participate in a clean water project. Read about how a team serving on a mission trip provided water for 12 Haitian churches for an entire year.