Critical Update From Haiti

Many of you have asked, “How are things in Haiti?” The current reality is that 1.8 million people in Haiti are in a crisis of food insecurity. Please watch the below video from Mission of Hope President, Brad Johnson, to better understand why this is happening and how you can pray.


Many people have asked us, “How are things in Haiti?” Well, I just wanted to take a minute from Haiti to give you an update.

To be really honest with you, it’s been a rough year. We’ve had a lot of political unrest, and many of you have probably heard about that. But the reason behind it is that Haiti had a deal with Venezuela to subsidize the fuel that was brought here. Well, Venezuela’s government has collapsed, and now there has been a 40% hike in fuel costs, which the average person is not able to absorb that cost.

We’ve also seen skyrocketing inflation that has caused the dollar to not go as far for the average person. Because of the political unrest in Haiti, the U.S. State Department elevated the threat level to a level four. So we made the decision to not have teams come to Haiti at this time. Many teams have rerouted and are serving in the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos. We’re looking forward to when teams can come back to Haiti and serve with us, but we’re proud of the way our Haitian staff is leading with boldness and for the Lord.

To give you an example of how this is impacting the people in Haiti, the average cost of a can of rice used to be 35 Gourdes. Today, that same can is 60 Gourdes. One Haitian mom said it this way, she said, “My bread is shrinking.” Because the dollar that she used to have just doesn’t buy as much.

Because of all that, it has led to a food crisis. Right now, over 1.8 million people in Haiti are in a food crisis. 386,000 people are in a state of emergency because they don’t know where the next meal is going to come from. The thing that really breaks all of our hearts is there has been a lack of international awareness on what’s really happening in Haiti and the plight of the average Haitian person. It’s truly heartbreaking.

Our staff—they’ve been working hard. Over 800 staff are doing the job that God has called them to do. From the hospital, to the clinic, our pastors that are out there preaching the gospel and loving on people, the teachers—God is doing amazing things, and the ministry continues to march forward, but even our staff is facing pressure that they have never felt before. Many of the pastors call us and tell us how their congregations are calling on them and asking them for help, like they have never seen, because their food is not going as far.

So today, I’m asking you, would you join us in prayer? Would you join us and pray for the nation of Haiti? We believe that prayer changes things, and we are called to pray. So we want to pray for the president of Haiti—we ask you to join us in that, and the political folks that are leading the nation. Also we ask that you pray for our staff. Pray for them, as right now, they are depending on God to give them what they need to care for their people that they are serving. And we ask that you pray for the people of Haiti, that God would be enough for them, that He would give them what they need, and that we would see this nation transformed for Jesus.

We know that the power of prayer is incredible, so today, our family, we ask you join us and please pray for Haiti.