Farm School

The Mission of Hope farm schools not only offer agricultural training for economic growth but also weekly Bible studies for spiritual growth. We train thousands of farmers a year to help address the food shortage in Haiti. While our Haitian farmers are being trained to feed themselves and others, we are able to feed their spiritual hunger. Our goal is holistic life transformation for all those to whom we reach.

A student named Daniel Estimable stood in front of his farm school class in Marmalade and said, “I bless the name of God because every week at least I have one verse to bless my soul, and I share it with my neighbors who are not Christ-followers.”

Louis Simacroix, another Marmalade farmer, was given a Bible by one of his farm school leaders. Upon receiving it, he said, “I am not a Christ-follower, but I know the school gave me the best weapon a man should have. I don’t know yet how to use it very well, but I’m sure I will learn how to use it and share its importance with my family and my neighbors.”

A student named Sylpha Yreine told the instructor, “Teacher I am feeling sick, but I come to school because I want to be faithful to my commitments, and I want to hear the word of God bless my soul. It is the reason I didn’t stay home.”

One farm student who is not yet a Christ follower recently told us that he feels something new in his life because each week he hears the Word of God. We are so thankful for the power of God’s Word and your donations that are bringing forth new growth in the lives of those we are able to serve through the farm schools.