Farm to Table

Farm-to-Table is an exciting opportunity to see sustainable agriculture, child nutrition, and agribusiness in action in Haiti. During your trip to Mission of Hope, you will have the opportunity to participate in a three-part tour and serving project.

Meet with Mission of Hope’s lead Agronomist

  • Hear firsthand about the agricultural history and strategy Mission of Hope is using to assist local farmers
  • Visit a farming community and learn how the program is benefiting local farmers through education and seed investments
  • Have an extended tour of the Mission of Hope warehouse and learn about the nutrition program, supply chain, and distribution
  • Participate in a two-hour meal packing project of the locally grown crops
  • Visit a school or orphanage in the HaitiOne Nutrition Program to understand how the meals are prepared and served

You will see and experience firsthand the life change these meals provide for the children in Haiti. For an example, 20,000 packed meals can provide a daily nutritious meal for an entire school for an entire year.