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Haiti COVID-19 Response

Our primary defense is awareness and education that promotes distancing, hygiene, and ways to decrease risks for the spread of COVID-19. We are also taking every measure on the public awareness side to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to mitigate risks, contamination, and the spread. We are doing this through the following avenues:

  • Training Mission of Hope staff

  • Training Village Champions, who are educating communities and sharing educational materials via schools and churches 

  • Collaborating with the Prime Minister’s COVID task force and other local leaders to share materials created by Mission of Hope and disseminate those materials and vital resources to health facilities, organizations, and communities across the country

  • Following strict protocols on hygiene, cleanliness, and distancing to promote a COVID-19 free environment

  • Implementing policies and protocols across all programs and campuses to ensure we are quarantining critical departments which must remain operational and encouraging non-essential staff to remain safely at home

  • Training on triage, contamination containment, and isolation protocols under the standards by the Haitian Ministry of Health

  • Aggressively expanding our current community outreach campaign and coordinating campaigns across the country

  • Setting up multiple hand washing stations in each of our villages with large amounts of antiseptic soap and clean water

  • Multiplying trash can and waste collection in all communities

  • Expanding training tools, printed material dissemination, good hygiene practice, and prevention measures 

  • Securing PPE reserves and supply chain for care providers to keep essential medical services open

  • Solidifying essential mobile medical care units to provide basic essential services in our communities if a shelter-in-place order is given in the event of a pandemic disaster in Haiti

  • Rapid deployment and utilization of all housing campuses for isolation and containment if needed

To donate to the Haiti Response Fund, click here.