Pastoral Training

Mission of Hope’s Pastoral Training Program provides ongoing biblical training to hundreds of pastors every month. By equipping and empowering pastors, the local churches can best serve their communities in sustainable ministry. With a network of hundreds of local churches, we are seeing healthy churches sending missionaries, investing in local ministry, and working tirelessly to share the gospel and make disciples in their communities.

Mission of Hope’s Pastoral Training Centers are located at the Bercy Campus on the west coast of Haiti, just north of Port au Prince, and in the Fermathe Campus in the mountains at Baptist Haiti Mission.

Summer Bible Institute at Baptist Haiti Mission

Since the early 1960s, more than 700 pastors and church leaders from around the country have gathered at Baptist Haiti Mission to take part in leadership development. Over the years, it has become a four year Bible training program.

Every year, more than 50 church leaders from around the country spend the months of July and August studying under the guidance of teachers, missionaries, and other pastors. This training has enabled pastors, missionaries, church planters, BHM staff, and teachers to experience transformation and growth through the Summer Bible Institute.

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