Technical School
Provide Opportunities For New Graduates To Learn Demanding Skills In The Haitian Marketplace
Project Status: Fundraising and Construction
Following graduation from high school, many Haitian students find it difficult to get job. The Mission of Hope Technical School provides graduating students an opportunity to learn a skill that is being demanded in the Haitian marketplace.

By coordinating with public, private, and non-profit partners, Mission of Hope works to provide job-specific training to ensure adequate preparation and employment by meeting the market-driven human resource needs of our partners. The target program participants include high school graduates and working professionals. Mission of Hope strives to meet the current need for further post-high school education as well as provide professional development opportunities for adult women and men. Based on their program, students will graduate with either a professional, technical, or certificate degree.

With Mission of Hope’s rich history of serving in education since 1998 and its distinguished rank in the top 5% of education centers in Haiti, MOH is well positioned to expand its educational services to specifically target the significant need in post-secondary education. Having secured over 50 acres of land in Titanyen and constructed the first four buildings, the Technical School opened its doors in the spring of 2017, providing training in welding, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Mission of Hope is continuing to develop strategic partnerships with employers, ensuring training programs meet specific job requirements for employers. Ultimately, this will ensure a high employment rate for graduates and a more competent employee base for existing employers and companies looking to invest in Haiti.