Sharing The Gospel

Mission of Hope strives to share the gospel in every interaction, with the ultimate goal of life transformation for every man, woman, and child through Jesus Christ. Whether through serving in the villages and communities, equipping pastors, providing medical care, training business owners, teaching children, serving meals, or through one of our thousands of Church Advancement projects, all our work is motivated by a belief that true transformation ultimately comes through Jesus Christ. Because of this, we strive to live out the gospel and share the message of God’s love and grace in all we do.

Yves Osse’s Story

A series of poor choices and bad influences had led Yves Osse down a wrong path, but in 2005, he accepted Jesus as his Savior while attending a Mission of Hope partner church in Bercy. Today, 13 years later, he is the pastor of that same church. Pastor Osse now spends his days leading Bible studies in Bercy, discipling young men, and working with Mission of Hope to meet the needs of his village. He attends Mission of Hope pastor trainings and receives mentoring at Mission of Hope every week to continue to grow as a pastor and leader. Pastor Osse is helping change a community through the church that changed him.