Teacher Training

Healthy schools are led by fully equipped teachers and administrators who have a desire to invest in the next generation. Mission of Hope believes that one of the most important and influential ways to change a nation is through education, and quality teacher and administrator training is essential to achieve our vision of healthy schools through the countries in which we serve.

Education in Haiti

Mission of Hope is the largest private educator in Haiti. With 769 in our network, our schools are entirely Haitian-led. One of our core values is to raise up indigenous leaders, and educators are among the most influential. Throughout the school year, we provide special trainings for teachers, administrators, and principals, which cover a wide range of topics like classroom management, lesson planning, parent/teacher communication, and cultivating a positive learning environment. Since teaching is a form of ministry in schools, educators also learn how to successfully implement a biblical worldview in the classroom.

From rural primary schools with teachers who may have received only a primary education to some of the most competitive high schools in the country—we’re working for educators to have ongoing professional development to continuously improve the quality of every school.