Turks and Caicos Medical Mission Trips

Are you a medical professional? Serving on a medical mission trip is a powerful way to utilize your acquired skill set to help people in need. By meeting the physical needs of the people, you are helping create an openness to the gospel, and many people have come to faith through our medical clinics and mobile medical clinics. You will be playing a key role in achieving the vision of seeing every man, woman, and child’s life transformed.

We operate mobile medical clinics year-round to bring exceptional care to those who do not have regular access to medical care. These clinics are organized and operated through local churches in communities where we have cultivated meaningful relationships. The investment you make in the people you meet will continue to have an impact long after you return home.

We welcome the following medical professionals: MD, DO, PA, NP, PharmD, RPh, RN, LPN, Paramedic, EMT, CNA, OT, and PT, as well as non-medical team members. As a licensed professional, you will participate in four full workdays of medical relief. Professionals participating in the mobile clinic are asked to help purchase the medication needed for the mobile clinic and transport it to the Turks and Caicos Islands.


Price Includes:

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Medical Translators
  • Mission of Hope Expenses
  • Beach Day
  • Airport and In-Country Transportation

Not Included:

  • You are responsible for purchasing your own airfare.
  • All team members will be asked to bring a required list of medical supplies.