“As a pastor I believe God has called me to be a simple servant. One of the best things is being able to proclaim the gospel, but one of the difficult things is to see someone who is struggling to survive and not being able to help them.”

Mission of Hope believes that in order for us see this nation changed, we must work through the local churches because that is the institution that God has ordained and put here before us. So the way we do that is we work through what we call Church Advancement: that is bringing North American churches here to work and partner with the Haitian churches.

It is our job to come alongside the local pastor to help them meet the physical and spiritual needs of their village. Pastor Beau is one of the pastors that Mission of Hope has come alongside to help him reach his village for Christ.

“When I walk through my village and see children who are orphaned, I am deeply affected. In my village there are spiritual needs and physical needs. Many people are sick or need jobs. They can’t provide for their families. I am filled with compassion for my people—I feel their pain. My desire is to help them as a pastor, both spiritually and with their physical needs.”

The pastors in Haiti like Pastor Beau have a heart for their village but many don’t have the team to come alongside them.

One of the ways we support the local pastor is through our Pastor Training Program. We bring in pastors from North America who come down and build relationships with these men. Many times, the pastors here are called by God but they have never been able to study the word of God, or know how to study the word of God, or know the real nature and purpose of the church. So for us to be able to come alongside them is critical to see the church in Haiti advance.

“Mission of Hope partners with me to help our church meet both spiritual and physical needs. They help us provide things like clean water, medical care, agricultural training, and even homes.”

After the earthquake, Haiti was devastated. Millions were left homeless and many people came from all over Haiti to settle here. One of the physical needs we have been able to meet here in Leveque is giving them shelter. Since the earthquake, we have been able to build over 600 homes. For many, it is the first time they have ever actually owned a home.

“One of the good things is seeing God provide for the people in my village. In this case it is a home. It really feels like a miracle.”