Hugens’ Story of Life Transformation

This is the village I grew up in.

Fovo is a family village. We grow a lot of plantains and potatoes.

People are very friendly, but there are many problems in my village, both physical and spiritual.

I am a Village Champion for Mission of Hope. The Village Champion is the eyes, mouth and ears of the village for Mission of Hope.

I know the people and their needs, and I communicate them to Mission of Hope

Many people live in tents and mud houses that get wet when it rains. These are hard and not safe, so we started building new homes.

When they get these new homes, that means a lot for them. They feel very happy and they say ‘thanks to God!’

People cannot afford medical care, so now we have mobile clinics that come and provide care.

One of the most exciting things is that we built a brand new church where people can worship and the children can go to school.

The key to our success has been working through local church.

As we continue to love the people and care for their physical needs, many people have come to know Christ, It’s changing their actions and they influence others.

People are learning to become disciples and the church is growing.

I love serving my village. This is a dream come true for me to help Haiti.