I am excited for what God is doing in Source Matelas. This is my village. For a long time we did not have clean water. We did not have good schools for the children, so kids just stayed home. So many people died because we did have medical care. That broke my heart. There was not much hope here.

Mission of Hope came to our village and worked with the pastor to bring help to our people.

So much has changed. We now have clean water, we have good schools where children have a christ centered education and nutrition, and now medical clinics come to the village to provide care to the people. There are many who are sick, they are now getting help.

Mission of Hope does all through the local church so people are hearing about Jesus, people are learning what it means to be a disciple, and people are changing physically and spiritually in this village. There is hope now.

That makes me happy, to see what God is doing for my village and in the same way, He can do it for the whole country.