We are believing and praying that God is going to be able to use your abilities and your talents to serve here in Haiti. But we are also expectant that God is going to do something in you as well. Our hope here is that you are changed when you leave Haiti, that you are different than when you came. Our goal is to seek life transformation for every man, woman, and child in Haiti and we believe that for you as well.

If you are looking for an opportunity to really come down to see what God is doing, totally outside of where you are living, you would love to come down to Mission of Hope. I mean where else can you have Tarantella races in the sand right? But it’s not about that, it’s about what God is doing. God is working in Haiti, He’s working where ever you may be living as well. And to get to spend time with other youth, really understanding what it means to live out your faith and have a lot of fun, meet new people from all across the world. Who knows, maybe based upon how God touches your heart you may find yourself saying “I’ve got a heart for Haiti and God wants me to be here.”

Mission trips are so important. When teams come down to Haiti to serve, they support the church to work hard and to go even further to reach Haiti for Christ. But it can also transform and change your own life from seeing how people live in Haiti, what they’re doing, how they feed their kids and all that. Come join us as we are changing life in Haiti and go and change your world.