These are my chickens. I feed them every morning, afternoon, and evening. These are my goats. I love and care for them. This is a safe place where they are taken care of and I watch over them.

When I was 9 my father died. Life was very hard without him. When I was 13 my mother also got sick and died. I felt very alone. I had to stop going to school, so I did not get an education, and I did not even learn how to read.

Soon after that I got very sick. The mobile clinic for Mission of Hope came very close to my village and helped me. They found out that I was an orphan, so they helped me to come live here at Mission of Hope.

Now I have a home and a family again. Thanks to a sponsor, I also have the opportunity to get an education. I love working with my tudor and now I know my future is going to be brighter because of what I am learning.

I hope one day that I can help the other kids that are orphans just like me.

People call me a young business man because I am able to make money selling my goats and chicken eggs.

In the same way that I love and care for my goats and my chickens, God loves and takes care of me. He gave me a home, fed me, and has given me an education. God had a plan for me. I have found a hope and a future.