Mission of Hope

Medical Outreach Program

What We're Doing Now:

The Medical Outreach Program (MOPs) was developed as an avenue to better serve patients with chronic illness, surgical needs, and acute medical concerns who could not otherwise be treated in a one-time visit by our mobile health care teams or The Clinic of Hope. The MOPs program allows the team to develop individualized long term care plans as well as build relationships with patients and their families.

Several days each week, a member of the Haitian MOPs team makes rounds and visits the patients. During this time, they can facilitate provider visits, deliver medication, provide continuing education specific to a patient’s needs, drop off nutritional supplies, and provide other specific services related to a patient’s needs.

Some of the current weekly activities for the MOPs team include:

  • delivering seizure medication to a precious 12-year-old patient with hydrocephalus
  • delivering insulin to diabetics who otherwise couldn’t afford this medication or the monthly cost of a clinic visit.
  • purchasing and delivering blood pressure medications for numerous patients with hypertension
  • picking up amputee patients to receive care at the Mission of Hope Prosthetics Lab
  • taking severely malnourished babies and children to a nutrition program to receive highly caloric protein packs supporting weight gain
  • coordinating and providing transportation to patients' hospital appointments and specialized doctor visits
  • oordinating and providing transport for follow up care

We also have been able to raise funds and facilitate surgical care for patient's needing operations such as a colostomy reversal, hydrocephalus treatment, insertion of suprapubic catheter, amputation of lower extremity, eye surgery, and rectal surgery.

We strive to provide a comprehensive educational plan that empowers each patient to take control of their health, manage their medical needs through the gaining of information about their current illness, and gain financial stability so that they can provide. A part of the process is getting patients sponsored and enrolled in school, doing focused specific education by providers and nurses to a patient, and even facilitating and connecting patient with job opportunities to potentially give her or him the freedom to support themselves and their family’s needs independently.

Most importantly, during the weekly patient visits, the team is intentional to focus on spiritual discipleship, council and support, and connecting the patient with the local church. The mission continues to be life transformation for every man, woman, and child—we believe that one of the ways this is strategically done is through the Medical Outreach Program.

The Need:

To be able to continue to provide this type of holistic care to the patients we now serve and the many more we would love to serve, we need your continued prayers and financial support.

Meet Gary—MOPs Coordinator:

Gary is the MOPs Coordinator and works tirelessly to care for every MOPs patient and make sure they have what they need. He has a heart for every patient to know Christ and prays for them every visit. His duties include going to the market for patients and delivering food, taking patients to appointments and hospital visits, delivering diapers and encouragement to families, and facilitating patient visits with team members.