Serve On A Mission Trip

You can help share the love of Christ by serving on a short-term trip with Mission of Hope. Every year, we host thousands of mission trip participants in Haiti and the Dominican Republic from around the world.

Your team’s work will be dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of underserved communities. As we work together with local church pastors and other indigenous leaders in each village, we ask them, “What does your village need to be transformed?” There are a variety of ministry opportunities, such as youth programs, small construction projects, mobile medical clinics, and community evangelism. By partnering with local churches and ministries, the difference you make will have a lasting impact long after you return home.

We offer mission trips every week, year round, with the exception of the week of Christmas and New Year.

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Are you a medical professional? Serving on a mobile medical clinic team with Mission of Hope is a powerful way to utilize your acquired skill set to help people in need. Click here to learn more information about our Medical Mission Trips.


Each mission trip is unique and can be tailored to match the skills of your group with the needs of the village in which you are serving. Two core components of our mission trips are Strategic Village Time and Church Advancement projects.

Strategic Ministry Time (SMT)

Strategic Ministry Time is an avenue to build and maintain meaningful relationships with people in local communities and equip the local pastors and churches to meet the needs of people in their communities.

Using basic hygiene training as an entry point to visit with individuals and households in the communities, you and your team will gather important data about the physical and spiritual needs of the people. The data collected ensures that everyone in a particular community has the opportunity to see, hear, and feel the gospel, and it enables us to better meet the needs of the people to bring life transformation.

As you meet with the people in the community, you will help assess their living conditions to determine need, collect important demographic information, and obtain GPS coordinates of each home.

You will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with residents through a translator, play with children in the community, share the gospel, and pray with the people. Our hope is that, through Jesus Christ, every man, woman, and child’s life will be transformed. SMT is an opportunity to ensure that every person is reached.

Church Advancement Projects (CA Projects)

Church Advancement projects are specific projects chosen by local pastors that contribute to meeting the physical needs of the community. These projects represent the highest priorities for meeting the physical needs of the community you are serving. Furthermore, they are a part of a larger plan that has been developed with local church pastors and ministries in order to see life transformation happen for every man, woman, and child. If you have special skills to contribute or want to participate in a specific way, please let us know.