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Hello, my name is

Elimene Dorsainvil
Elimene Dorsainvil
$50 Needed
  • Name: Elimene Dorsainvil
  • Gender: Female
  • DOB: December 31st, 1957

Elimene's parents named her because the name meant "love" to them. She was born and raised in Leogane, but at the age of 21 she moved to Source Matelas, after her mother passed away. Elimene was blessed with one son who passed away at two years old. Elimene used to make and sell charcoal even though she knew it was bad for the environment. It was truly the only way she could make money. Elimene’s favorite things are: holding her Bible and memorizing scripture even though she does not know how to read. She loves attending church, singing, listening to jokes and laughing with friends.


The Grace House is one of the few assisted living facilities in Haiti, built to address the dire need for elderly care. The elderly are the most vulnerable and most neglected people in Haiti. Our Grace House residents receive medical, spiritual, and daily assisted living care. The facilities include living quarters, a cafeteria, a common area, and a medical exam room.

As a sponsor, you can write letters and even visit your resident on your next trip to Haiti.

On any given day, you'll find our covered patio filled with dominoes and card games, while the smell of rice and beans wafts out from the kitchen.

Laughter is consistent and contagious as visitors stop by to sing songs, dance, or just sit to talk.

Watch this video to learn more about the Grace House.