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Following high school graduation, many students in Haiti find it difficult to get a job. While primary school enrollment has grown significantly to include about 87% of children in Haiti, and secondary school enrollment is steadily increasing with about 20% of eligible students enrolled, there remains a significant shortage of post-secondary opportunities. To date, less than five out of 100 children will go on to receive post-secondary education, either in a college or vocational school, and capacity for job training is severely limited with opportunities for less than 1% of eligible students.

The Mission of Hope Technical School trains high school graduates and working professionals in the highest demand trade skills in the Haitian marketplace including welding, plumbing, electrical, diesel mechanic, HVAC, and Information Technology. Located on 50 acres near the village of Titanyen, the school opened its doors in the spring of 2017. Based on the selected program, students will graduate with either a professional, technical, or certificate degree.

The goal of our programs is a high employment rate for graduates and a highly qualified employee base for existing employers and companies looking to invest in Haiti. By coordinating with public, private, and non-profit partners, we work to provide job-specific training to ensure adequate preparation and employment by meeting the market-driven human resource needs of our partners. We strive to meet the need for further post-high school education as well as provide professional development opportunities for adult women and men. Ultimately, this will ensure a high employment rate for graduates and a more competent employee base for existing employers and companies looking to invest in Haiti.

The skills and experience the Technical School students receive gives them hope that they can not only provide for their families through meaningful work but also that they can invest in their country to help foster a healthy economy.